“I feel the drive to reach the inner order of things; an order former to all aesthetics; an order related to the geanology of humankind."

                                                                                                                                                                 - Ernst Saemisch

About Ernst Saemisch

The painter Ernst Saemisch was born in Germany in 1902. He grew up in Günterstal at the edge of the Black Forest, which determined his deep bond with nature. His mother inspired him to artistic creation and his father (an outstanding researcher and relevant authority in public service who became Minister of Finance during the Weimar Republic), gave him a broad cultural foundation in constant encounters with brilliant intellectuals and scientists who were very close to him, such as Haber, Nernst, Heisenberg and Einstein. Ernst, after studying at the prestigious State Academy of Art in Kassel, from where he was expelled for his harsh criticism in the press, joined in 1921 the Johannes Itten's Introductory Course at the revolutionary Bauhaus School in Weimar. The very wide scope of the teachings from masters such as Klee, Feininger, Gropius and Itten marked him throughout a lifetime of creation. Saemisch lived through a high-spirited period imbueded with the great ruptures in art, philosophy and science, as well as with and the darkness of the great wars and the Nazism. In 1964 he emigrated to Mexico, being attracted from an early age by its ancient culture. In deep love for Mexico, Saemisch died here in 1984 leaving behind a great legacy.

Ernst Saemisch A.C.

Since its foundation, the Association has guided its actions inspired by the painter's fundamental principles. Having as its central motto, the Transforming Power of Art, Ernst Saemisch A.C. seeks to promote research, study, conservation and dissemination of the work of the painter Ernst Saemisch, as well as cultural movements and educational promotion that empower vulnerable populations, and open spaces for artists and the general public. It also seeks to offer knowledge of the work and life of Ernst Saemisch to the artistic and cultural world and to the general public in Mexico and internationally, through projects that develop the creative and critical view of those who witness them, such as: exhibitions, activities parallel to the exhibitions, publications, workshops, courses, seminars, etc.